ROLSPHERE is a professional solution for companies wishing to monitor their fleets: road transportation companies, overnight courier services, logistics and distribution companies, companies with sales teams and field services, companies with construction machinery and vehicle rental companies, among others.

vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. This allows you to adapt quickly to new developments and make smart, informed decisions. Our vehicle tracking system tells you which employee is closest to any new assignment as well as giving you instant access to important vehicle information and driving behaviour information such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption. Vehicle tracking saves you money and makes your business more efficient.

With ROLSPHERE, you can track all your vehicles 24 hours a day, with positions and sensor data received in real time. Moreover, ROLSPHERE has numerous add-ons that include a full set of alarms and reports, workforce management, driving behavior, cost management, fuel control and automatic driver identification, among many others.

When it comes to protecting your business, home, family and possessions, we’ve got you covered. ROLSPHERE offers easy, one-stop solution for all your security and life safety needs; From basic burglar alarms to video surveillance systems(CCTV), electric fencing, access control, gate automation and everything in between — all at an affordable price.

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